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Rustico Bay Wool Sweater - Kathy Lynn WinterRustico Bay Wool Sweater Company,  opened their doors in 2001, Kathy's father ( Albert) started the business.  He was an avid sports fishman and loved wool.  He began the sweater shop working with local knitters through out Atlantic Canada.  Eventually the knitwear expanded into Canadain wool products.  Kathy took over the business in 2007.  Along with Kathy and her friendly team they provide superior customer service and  premium quality products. 

Our uniqueness, warmth and friendliness have made us a popular destination with Islanders and visitors alike. Our store is located in the heart of North Rustico, a quaint fishing village founded in 1790, providing an idyllic surrounding of the traditional lifestyle of a maritime fishing community. 

We at Rustico Bay Wool Sweater Company Eastern Canada's finest wool shop, welcome you to visit our shop  and explore our quaintness and charm and see why we are " a woolly nice place to shop!" 

Wooly Fun Facts!

100% Natural, Lightweight, Versatile, Highly Absorbent, Repel Water, Resistant to wear-tear-dirt, Breathable, Rarely Wrinkles, Natural Fiber, Sustainable, Last for years, Good for you and the environment!

Rustico Bay Wool Children's Sweaters
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